This is a guide on how to sell a domain name privately or in the marketplace securely.

Give your domain name a value with many different factors and put it on the ground.


Keep the important things in mind and securely sell a domain name with one of the marketplaces.

Let’s dive in…

[Step-By-Step] How to Sell a Domain Name?

How to buy and sell a domain name to make a profit.

Since we have learned how to buy a domain name and how to transfer a domain name in our guides, you might be wondering…

Can I sell a domain name?

Yes, you can sell a domain name.

If so, then how?…

How do I sell a domain name I own?

To answer your query about how to sell my domain name, we are going to learn in this guide how you can sell the domain name step-by-step.

How to sell a domain name

Some people also ask, “How to sell domain names fastquickly?’

Or, how long does it take to sell a domain name?

Well, selling domain names isn’t quite like flying like Superman. 

Don’t run after those who claim to sell the domain names as fast as Flying like superman.

Along with buying a domain name, the process of selling is also very essential and lengthy.

Selling your domain will be a time-consuming process, and you may not receive any bids immediately.

It is determined by the current worth of your domain and how successfully you sell it.

Yes, it is 100% legal to sell a domain name for profit if you have already purchased the domain name.

Se let’s see how to start selling domain names…

To sell a domain name, you have to follow the proper steps without making mistakes.

So let’s have a look at the process.

#1. Public or visible your Domain Name WHOIS database information

Most of the time when you buy a domain name you also get WHOIS privacy protection.

If the WHOIS Privacy Protection is enabled, then disable it or make visible your WHOIS database information, such as your name, contact number, etc.

Domain Name Privacy Public Information

So that if someone wants to buy a domain name from you, they can contact you directly via the contact information you have given or submitted in the WHOIS database.

If WHOIS price protection is disabled, then leave it as it is, but if it is enabled, then let’s disable Whois privacy protection.

You can change or update your contact information by contacting your website host.

How to Disable WHOIS Privacy Protection?

If you are hosting your website on one of the most popular hosting companies, then you can easily disable Whois privacy protection in just a few clicks.

Let’s see how you can do so…

  • Go to your host account and locate the domain settings.
  • There you will find the Domain Name Privacy Option as you can see in the picture below.
Turn On OR Turn Off WHOIS Privacy Protection
  • Just click on it and turn it off [If it is on]

Now you have learned about how to disable WHOIS Privacy but how to value your domain name?

Well, that’s what we are going to learn right now…

#2. Determine the value of the domain name you want to sell out

How much can I sell a domain name for?


How to price a domain name to sell?

The value of a domain name can range from a few dollars to six or even seven figures.

The only right response is that a domain name is worth whatever a buyer is willing to pay for it

But fortunately, there are several approaches for evaluating a domain name that may give you a reasonable indication of the potential value of the domain name.

Determine the value of a Domain Name

You can get help from domain name appraisal tools.

However, these tools are never accurate in the value of your domain name but these domain name appraisal tools can give you some estimates.

You can get an idea from the domain name appraisal tools.

Remember do not totally rely on these domain name appraisal tools.

There are a number of online estimating tools available, however, they aren’t always precise.

They can be used as a broad indication, but they are not a genuine measure of value.

Let’s see how you can use the domain name appraisal tools to get an estimated value to get an idea of how much your domain name could be valued.

Some of the tools are as follows…

GoDaddy Appraisal

You just have to put in your domain name and hit enter.

Once you hit enter on the “Get Value” button, you will get results.

Go Daddy Domain Name Appraisal Tool To Get Value

The result will show the Estimates value of your domain name.

GoDaddy Appraisal Tool Result

Now let’s see another domain name appraisal tool, which is the Free Evaluator.

Enter your domain name and hit the “Valuate” button.

Free Valuator Domain Name Appraisal Tool

Now you can see the estimated value of your domain name on Free Evaluator.

Free Valuator Domain Name Appraisal Tool Result

However, all these tools just give you estimates.

These tools will help you with the basic ideas of determining the domain name based on other factors.

Other factors?

Yeah, other factors let’s see which are those as well.

#3. Check the Popularity of a Domain Name on Google

As you can see in the below picture, you just have to type your domain name without the [dot]com extension like I did.

SoftKeyword Google Search Result

Now, what do you have to do with this?

In case your domain name or website is very popular then it will definitely appear on search results easily.

The benefit is that you can show the popularity of your domain name to the customer and you can make good use of the image value of your domain name and charge a good amount of money.

#4. Check the similar Domain Name Selling Price to get an idea

Check the similar domain name being sold price.

Just like I did.

I just went to Sedo and put my domain name and it suggested similar domain names like easykeyword[dot]com and keywordsoft[dot]com

You can see in the image below…

Similar Domain Names Selling Price

So it gives some idea…

#5. Get an Opinion from Experts in Selling Domain Name

You can also get the help of experts who are very familiar with domain name sales in your area, or you can get a free consultation from NameExperts.

Now, with these factors, you may have a broad idea of the value of your domain name.

Now it’s time to value your domain name with some more important things.

#6. Value or Price your Domain Name

Now that you have an idea of what your domain may sell for, it’s time to decide on a price approach.

Make your decision carefully to value your domain name for sale.

The majority of domain names sell for between $2,000 to $5000 or more.

The first step will be to correctly price your domain.

Many people overprice their domains and then wonder why the domain name buyers never get any interest.

Just because you’ve held a domain for a long time doesn’t mean it has intrinsic worth.

If you are charging higher, then your domain name should include some criteria, such as 

  1. [dot] com domain name ending
  2. Short Domain Name
  3. Easy to pronounce and spell
  4. Do not include any numbers or hyphens

There are a lot more factors which you should keep in mind.

Don’t worry I have included a lot more important factors in the guide on how to choose a domain name.

Before doing anything, you must know about the escrow.

I want you to know it before you take any other step as be prepared with escrow service.

#7. Use an Escrow Service for Secure Transfer of Payments and Domain Name

How to sell a domain name securely with Escrow?

Now, this section is very important in domain name selling, so have patience and read it very carefully.

What is Escrow Service?

An escrow provider will function as a neutral third party, holding and processing the payments in a secure manner.

Why should you use Escrow Service?

Alas, not everyone on the internet is seeking a good offer.

There is always the possibility of losing your domain to a fraudster.

Fortunately, an escrow service can help you mitigate this risk.

Using an escrow provider to manage your domain name transaction ensures that you receive payment and that the buyer receives their domain.

Some selling sites, like Sedo, provide an escrow system for every transaction completed on the site.

So check if Market Place is providing Escrow Service or not.

This will cost a percentage of the total price, but it is definitely worth it to protect your domain.

Most of the domain name markets and auction sites mention that they have their own free escrow service as part of their platform.

So when you sell a domain name through one of these sites, all you have to do is make sure you can transfer your domain name as soon as it sells.

A domain name escrow works by both parties agreeing on the transaction’s parameters, which include the domain name(s) and selling price.

The buyer must then deposit the agreed-upon amount into the escrow account.

You are asked to transfer the domain name to the buyer after the escrow service has validated and secured the money.

The amount will be given to you after the buyer verifies that they have control of the domain.

However, if you sell your domain name through direct negotiation with a buyer or through the services of a brokerage agency, you must always use a licensed escrow company. and Payoneer Escrow are the most often used escrow companies for domain name sales.


Or if the marketplace is providing an escrow service such as Sedo, then we will see the process of how to sell a domain name with escrow on the marketplaces that we are going to learn about in this guide.

Stay active till the final domain name transfer.

It is advised that you remain involved during the final transfer.

The majority of domain markets will charge a minor commission fee.

This normally occurs after you’ve been paid and the domain has been transferred successfully.

As a result, you may want to keep track of this step so you know precisely how much money you finish up with.

Additionally, your buyer may have queries during the transfer procedure, and to ensure that funds are appropriately allocated, most escrow services will need a waiting period.

However, they might vary based on the vendor and scenario, so you should keep an eye on things in case anything goes wrong.

Till now you have determined the value of a domain name while considering the important factors, now you will see how you can list a domain name.

#8. List Domain Name – How to list a domain for sale?

Let’s see how to list your domain for sale or how to put a domain up for sale to make a profit.

There are commonly two ways to list your domain name one is privately and another is publically on the marketplace.

A listing on a landing page is a private listing, and a listing on a marketplace is a public listing.

We will discuss both of these…

List your Domain Name on a Landing Page

With the help of a Landing Page, you can list your domain name.

The landing page will inform any visitor that your domain name is available for purchase and how to contact you.

There are various approaches you may build a Landing page for your domain name.

If you already have a website then you can just redirect each domain name [that you wish to sell] to a landing page on that site with an inquiry form.

On the landing page, you will get customers only if you have traffic whether it is Organic or Paid.

You can also use sites like LinkedIn to identify the names and email addresses of the people in charge of marketing or technology and connect with them.

If your company is small, send emails one at a time, making each one customized and brief.

However, If you have no traffic on your Landing Page or no response to LinkedIn, or no idea about Paid way then you should go with Domain Name Market Places which we are going to learn right after this section.

List and Sell your domain name on the Domain Marketplace.

There are many larger markets that have repeat buyers and a distribution network in which they collaborate with other domain sites, such as domain name registrars, to promote your domain name to prospective customers all over the world.

Well, there are more meaningful domain name market places where you can list your domain names.

There are a few auction sites that can assist you.

You establish a listing, including a reserve price or minimum opening bid, as well as a Buy It Now price in some situations.

Individuals that buy domain names just to resell them for a profit are known as domain name investors.

So be ready to sell your domain name on the marketplace.

Here is the list of the best site to sell a domain name.

#1. Sedo

Sedo has been in business since 2001 and is one of the world’s largest domain marketplaces, with over 18 million domains available.

The site receives roughly 2 million monthly visits, but they also advertise your domain on a variety of partner sites.

Sedo Domain Name Marketplace

Sedo is the world’s largest domain marketplace. It has a database of approximately 20 million domains.

Over 2 million buyers use it. Sedo not only lets you sell domains, but it also lets you sell websites.

It is used by huge companies and brokers.

Although it is free to list your domain name for sale on Sedo, you will be charged a fee of between 10% and 20% if your domain name sells.

How to sell a domain name on Sedo?

Sedo provides a number of options for selling your domain names.

  1. Find a direct buyer for your domain on the marketplace: Buy Now domains with a fixed price sell up to three times faster than other sales options.
  2. Inform potential buyers that you are interested in receiving bids on your domain. As soon as an offer is received, you can begin direct negotiations with any interested parties and agree on a price.
  3. Make an offer on a domain by using the phrase “Make Offer.” As soon as you receive the first offer, you can put your domain up for auction, with the original offer serving as the reserve price.
  4. Start your own domain auction whenever you want, and it will be displayed on the homepage and in matching search results. This allows you to reach a large number of potential buyers – and thus achieve a high sales price.
  5. Sedo’s domain experts create their own auctions with particularly high-quality domains on a regular basis, most notably it’s signature bi-monthly GreatDomains auction. Apply now to increase exposure and sales leads for your most appealing domains.
  6. With the help of Sedo’s professional Domain Brokers, you can sell your high-value domains. They contact prospective buyers, negotiate the price, secure payment, and ensure a smooth Domain Transfer.

Sedo Pricing

Domains traded on Sedo are subject to a commission. The commission amount is determined by the type of sale and TLD.

#2. BrandBucket

BrandBucket could be able to connect you with the perfect buyer.

This marketplace is moderated, which means that each domain name must first be submitted and approved.

BrandBucket Domain Name Marketplace

When your domain is authorized, it is offered with a custom-designed logo and description to help potential purchasers visualize it.

This marketplace costs a $10 listing fee and enforces exclusivity, which means you can’t sell your domain elsewhere while it’s listed on the marketplace.

In comparison to other markets, the commission is high at 30%.

#3. Afternic

Afternic, which was created in 1999 and now lists over five million domain names for sale and processes over 75 million domain queries each month, is a force to be reckoned with.

This marketplace is controlled by GoDaddy, which gives them a significant edge over competitors.

Afternic Domain Name Marketplace

When people search for your domain name on the website, it will appear as a premium domain if you put it up for sale at Afternic.

It’s free to list a domain name on Afternic, but you’ll be charged a 20% fee if it sells.

How to sell a domain name on Afternic?

  1. Make an account: It’s simple to set up an Afternic account to sell domains, and once you do, you’ll have a seller profile to market yourself and your domains.
  2. Add Domains For Sale: When you put a domain for sale, price your domains as well. When you specify a purchase price, your domain becomes eligible for fast-transfer premium status.
  3. Improve your domain sales by optimizing your listings with things like using a “For Sale Page” or “For Sale Banner” to notify potential purchasers that your domain is for sale and setting your domain prices using Buy Now and opting for your domain in Fast Transfer.

It’s simple to sell domains on Afternic. Follow these steps to offer your domains for sale and let the Afternic marketplace handle the rest.

#4. GoDaddy Auction

Godaddy Auctions is a well-known marketplace. Individuals and businesses searching to add unique, soon-to-expire domain names to their domain name portfolios at GoDaddy.

Every month, millions of people visit the marketplace.

Because GoDaddy is the world’s leading domain registrar, your auction listing will receive a lot of attention if your domain name is valued.

GoDaddy Domain Name Auction Marketplace

GoDaddy Auctions allows you to put your domain names up for sale.

You may utilize a free, basic listing or add extra features to boost the exposure of your domain name.

Does GoDaddy charge to sell a domain name?

There are various options for listing your domain names, including a fixed price, “Make Offer,” or a 7-day auction. This is a standard online auction.

The seller sets a minimum price, bidders compete, and the highest bidder wins when time runs out.

There is a tiny ($5) yearly membership cost to join the service, and the commission ranges between 10% and 20% when you sell a domain name.

In GoDaddy, the bidder verification process protects everyone involved in the transaction and reduces fraud.

If something goes wrong, they have a well-known customer support team to fall back on.

Here are the straightforward processes for pricing, listing, and selling your domain through GoDaddy–How to sell the domain name.

1. Determine the value of your domain: You’ll want to establish a reasonable price. As we have already discussed, the free GoDaddy Domain Value and Appraisal tool is one location to look for comparable domain selling rates. Simply enter the domain you wish to sell to see its projected value as well as comparable domains sold. Even better, it’s all completely free.

2. To facilitate communication, be sure to un-privatize your contact information on WHOIS as we did earlier. When potential buyer searches for your domain on WHOIS, they will be able to see your publicly accessible information and contact you immediately.

3. Create a single-page website on your domain, often known as a “park page” or “domain parking.” This page informs users that the domain is owned and available for purchase. It’s the most straightforward way to declare that your domain is for sale. However, if you want to spread the word far and wide, you could offer your domain on certain internet marketplaces.

#5. Flippa

Flippa is the most popular marketplace for buying and selling internet businesses.

It is a domain and website flipping website.

In other words, you may sell a domain using Flippa.

Flippa Domain Name Marketplace

Each month, over $41 million in company value is placed for sale on Flippa, and almost 500,000 business owners and buyers use the site to sell or acquire enterprises priced between $5,000 and $5,000,000.

How to sell a domain name on Flippa?

Flippa is the most popular marketplace for buying and selling internet businesses. It is a domain and website flipping website.

In other words, you may sell a domain using Flippa.

Each month, over $41 million in company value is placed for sale on Flippa, and almost 500,000 business owners and buyers use the site to sell or acquire enterprises priced between $5,000 and $5,000,000.

One feature that distinguishes Flippa from other marketplaces is the ability to provide a descriptive description for your auction listing.

  • Set the Reserve price after thoroughly assessing it.
  • Set it to the amount you can afford to sell your online property for.
  • Set a reasonable Buy it now price (BIN).

Maintain a modest beginning bid price to attract more people to bid.

After the auction has concluded successfully, conduct research on the user who won the bid and his transaction history.

So that you may take appropriate precautions before initiating Blog/Website/Domain transfer and receiving fees.

Flippa Pricing

Flippa charges a flat rate and offers listing bundles. Flippa offers fixed-fee pricing when you sell your domain.

When you sell, you must pay a success fee of 5%, which is computed as a percentage of the sale price.

#6. NameCheap

Richard Kirkendall established Namecheap in the year 2000. They are said to have had three million consumers during the last 20 years.

NameCheap Domain Name Marketplace

How to sell a domain name on NameCheap?

When you sell your domain name using Namecheap’s marketplace, it charges a flat 10% commission.

By charging this commission, they can maintain a domain marketplace that is easy to search and well-known by many people who purchase domains regularly.

A listing on its site ensures that the name you are selling can be seen by anyone searching the internet, with a transaction that is completed on a secure, trusted website.

NameCheap Pricing

When you sell a domain name through Namecheap’s marketplace, you will be charged a flat 10% commission.

They may maintain a domain marketplace that is easy to search for and well-known by many individuals who buy domains on a regular basis by charging this fee.

A listing on its website assures that the name you are selling is visible to everyone browsing the internet and that the transaction is handled on a safe, trustworthy website.

Conclusion on how to sell a Domain Name

Choose your domain name wisely, choose the best domain name marketplace, and then sell a domain name with escrow service securely.

Which domain name did you sell?


For how much did you sell the domain name?

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