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How does Unstoppable Domains make money?

Well, Unstoppable Domains uses different ways to make money and keep things running smoothly while also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of domain names.

Domain Name Sales

So, Unstoppable Domains makes most of its money by selling domain names.

You can buy these names straight from the platform, which is cool because it’s decentralized and can’t be censored.

Buy Unstoppable Domain Name

It works like a marketplace where you can bid on names or buy them at a set price.

And every time someone buys a domain, Unstoppable Domains gets some cash.

The company has experienced significant growth in recent years, with over 700,000 domain names registered on their platform as of 2021.

Source: Decrypt

Additional Services

Did you know that Unstoppable Domains offers excellent services to improve your experience?

They’ve got website hosting, decentralized storage, and email forwarding, all available to their users.

Create a Website with Unstoppable Domains

Not only does this bring in more money for them, but it also solidifies their position as a top-notch domain name provider.


Unstoppable Domains has teamed up with many cool blockchain projects, wallet providers, and DApps.

By working together, Unstoppable Domains can get its domain name services out to more people.

Plus, they sometimes make money by sharing revenue with their partners.

It’s a win-win situation!

Unstoppable Domains’ Business Model

So, here’s the deal with Unstoppable Domains: they have a freemium business model.

You can use their essential domain name services for free but must pay to access all the cool premium features and advanced functionality.

This way, they can make some cash while still attracting many users.

The free stuff brings in more people, and the paid property gives power users all the customization options they could ever want.

Now, you know how does Unstoppable Domains make money.

So far, you have learned how Unstoppable Domains make money.

Now you can learn how to make money with unstoppable domains.


The unique approach to the domain name industry and potential for future growth make them a significant player in the decentralized web revolution.

What do you think about their strategies and prospects?

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