Buying a parked domain name is not a challenging game!

I will show you how to buy a parked domain in this guide step-by-step.

What does it mean when a domain is parked?

A parked domain refers to a domain name that has been registered but is not currently linked to a website or email hosting.

Essentially, it is a domain name that has been purchased but is not currently being used.

Instead, it is being “parked” for future use.

So far, you know about domain name parking.

The average lifespan of a parked domain is 18 months.

[Source: Namecheap ]

Now, how will you check if the domain name is parked or not?

Well, I’ve got a solution for that, too.

Just put the domain URL in the search bar and hit enter.

If the domain is parked, you will see a page similar to this…

Go Daddy Parked Domain Example

You can also check by referring to the parked domain checker tool list.

Did you know?

There are over 100 million parked domains.

[Source: Statista ]

How to buy a parked domain name?

Can I buy a parked domain?

Yes, you can.

How to get a parked domain name?


In this guide, I will talk about how to buy a parked domain name from Godaddy.

How to buy a parked domain name

If you want to purchase a parked domain name, you can easily do so through a domain registrar.

There are several well-known domain registrars that you can choose from, such as:

So, these were some of the best places to buy a parked domain.

Domain Name Registrars like Bluehost, GoDaddy,Namecheap

These registrars provide a convenient platform for acquiring the domain name you desire.

Whether you’re a business owner, a blogger, or simply someone with a creative idea, these options offer various services to suit your needs.

So, go ahead and explore these popular domain registrars to find the perfect parked domain name for your venture!

Here are a few extra factors to consider when purchasing a parked domain name.

  1. When it comes to choosing a domain name, it’s crucial to do your research. Ensure that your domain name is relevant to your business or project.
  2. Remember that you might have to pay a premium for a parked domain name compared to an unregistered one. So, be prepared to invest a bit more.
  3. Another essential factor to consider is the domain name’s history. If parked for a significant time, it could pose challenges regarding ranking in search engines.
  4. So, take your time, conduct thorough research, and choose wisely. After all, your domain name plays a vital role in establishing your online presence.
How to pick a parked domain name

To buy a parked domain name, you will need to follow these steps:

Step #1: Find the Parked Domain Name You Want to Buy

To find the parked domain name you desire to purchase, you have a couple of options.

One way is to search for it on a domain registrar’s website. Like GoDaddy Auction or others.

Parked Expired Domain Name

Step #2: Now check the Domain Name Availability

Once you’ve found a potential domain name, it’s time to check its availability.

You can check it at any Domain Name Registrar.

Go Daddy Domain Name


You can easily do this by performing a WHOIS lookup, which will provide you with the necessary information.

like Whois, ICANN Lookup, etc.

Step #3: Then Buy that Parked Domain Name

If the domain name you want is available, the next step is to contact the domain registrar to make your purchase.

Reach out to them and secure your desired domain name.

You can also get help with the detailed guide on buying a domain name.

The cost of a parked domain name can differ based on factors such as the specific domain name, the domain registrar, and the duration of the registration period.

Parked Domain Name Usages

The most common use for parked domains is for advertising.

[Source: HubSpot ]

After purchasing a parked domain name, you can utilize it for various purposes.

So, you’ve got yourself a parked domain name.

Now what?

Well, there are a few cool things you can do with it.

  1. First off, you can create a striking website to showcase your awesomeness.
  2. Next, you can use it to send and receive emails, which is pretty handy. If you’re feeling entrepreneurial, you can even resell the domain name to make some extra cash.
  3. Another nifty trick is using it as a redirector to direct traffic to another site.
Parked Domain Name Usages

Ultimately, how you use your parked domain name will depend on what you’re looking to achieve.

You can also park your domain name with this detailed guide.

So go ahead and get creative!


Can I Buy a Parked Domain Name for Free?

You can’t get a parked domain name for free.

A parked domain name has already been registered by someone else.

The owner of the parked domain name might be using it for different purposes.

Should I Use a Parked Domain Name?

Well, it really depends on what you’re looking for.

If you’re considering reserving a domain name for future use or making some cash, then a parked domain name could be a solid choice.

On the other hand, if you need a domain name that you can use to provide information or services to visitors, you should consider registering a domain name and hosting a website on it.

Wrapping Up

Did you buy any parked domain names?

If yes, for which purpose are you using it?

Let me know in the comments!

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