After a detailed guide on What is a domain name? Now we will discuss how to choose a domain name.

And avoid mistakes while picking a domain name.

This guide helps with the list of more than 25 items with tools that will help you choose the domain name easily.

Let’s see how to find and choose a creative, unique, and perfect domain name for your business, blog, or any website.

[25+ Important Factors] How to choose a creative, unique & perfect domain name for your website?

I made many mistakes while choosing a domain name earlier.

But now I can choose a unique domain name for my websites as I make sure to avoid mistakes and follow a checklist before choosing a creative and perfect fit domain for my niche.

Now I have decided to share this with you so that you will also learn how to pick and select the best domain name for your website.

Also, if this guide helps you, do let me know after reading this guide.


How to choose a domain name? So, let’s start with the first item on the list.

#1. The Importance of Domain Name

The first impression is the last impression, and your domain may be the first time someone discovers your brand.

Domain matters as it is a digital identity in the online world or internet, which is worldwide.

Why is it important to choose a domain name carefully?


When you make a change in Domain Name…

  • It’s difficult to modify or change your domain name after your website is running live. You can change or modify it, but there will be consequences.
  • Also, changing your domain name after creating your site can lead to time-consuming complications.
  • It might result in traffic loss and unneeded downtime.
  • In other words, take your time now to come up with a name you like.
  • Avoid Considerable things in your domain name which we will discuss further.

#2. The Importance of Domain Names in SEO

Search engines want the content you provide to the user to satisfy them, no matter what your domain name is.

Still, in some cases, a domain name helps in SEO, which we will discuss in this guide further.

#3. Are you really buying a domain name?

Why am I asking?

Because you are registering, not purchasing, a domain name.

Nobody truly owns a domain name in the same sense that you do not own a body, you are just using it.

If you are unable to get it, don’t be confused…just choose a domain name… :)

VIP TIP: Never check or search for the domain anywhere after picking a domain name. No one knows when you lose the domain name. Once your chosen domain name is gone, it is impossible to get it back at the regular price. You will have to purchase it at a premium price.

#4. Business Name and Domain Name Match

Should your business name and the domain be the same?

It depends.

Let’s understand…

With Brand Name:- Your brand should be reflected in your domain name, and vice versa.

Because brands take time to grow, having your distinctive brand name in your domain may help you stand out, earn awareness, and enhance website traffic.

For example, Twitter – the domain name tells about its brand that this platform is to tweet.

Twitter Domain Name

Now, if you haven’t started following SoftKeyword on Twitter then do follow.

Without Brand Name:- It makes sense for a local business to register a domain name that corresponds to its physical location.

However, if you’re running an internet business, you might be able to choose a better domain name.

You may wish to rebrand your internet business with a more fitting name and keep the company name hidden.

For example, Alphabet is the company, and its domain name is abc[dot]xyz which owns Google’s domain. However, Alphabet is the name of the business that owns the Google brand, not Google itself.

Alphabet and Google

Another example, Automattic, which owns the WordPress domain. WordPress is a CMS for websites.

Automattic and WordPress

#5. Flexible, Expandable, or Broad Domain Name-For Long Term

It will be one of the most important factors in defining your company and brand for many years.

So, let’s see how to choose a domain name that is flexible, expandable, and with the brand name to make the domain lifelong.

It will cost you money, branding, and SEO rankings if you decide to change the domain in the future. Consider the long term while selecting a domain.

You don’t want to push yourself into a corner with your domain name. You should be descriptive enough to attract the attention of your target audience.

How to choose a domain name with flexibility?

For example, now assume that you have Freepik[dot]com, it may be ideal for a photography blog, even if you decide to put other types of pictures or photos like ice cream pictures or cooking pictures blogs.


But you’ll be stuck with an incorrect domain name. For example, if you choose a domain name like IceCreamPictures[dot]com, in the future, if you want to write about cooking pictures, it will not be a relevant topic with your domain name.

As a result, it’s a good idea to think about how your site or business could grow over time.

It is also best for bloggers, as they can expand and grow their blogs in the market.

#6. Choose Short length domain name

Customers may mistype or misspell your domain name if it is long and complex.

The best approach is to keep things short and uncomplicated.

How to choose a domain name that is short length to remember easily?

When it comes to domain names, less is more. Users are more likely to locate you with shorter names since they are easier to remember and write.

When there’s less to read, it’s also simpler to stand out. It’s best not to use more than two or three words.

For example, SoftKeyword is a short domain.

SoftKeyword is a short domain name

In addition, an excessively lengthy domain name appears suspicious. On the other hand, your domain should most likely be short by default.

According to a Gaebler study on domain name length, the top 10,000 most popular websites have an average domain length of only 8 characters. The top 1 million most popular websites have an average domain length of just 10 characters.

  • Top 5 Most Popular Websites
    Average domain length = 6.0
  • Top 10 Most Popular Websites
    Average domain length = 6.1
  • Top 25 Most Popular Websites
    Average domain length = 6.0
  • Top 50 Most Popular Websites
    Average domain length = 6.0
  • Top 100 Most Popular Websites
    Average domain length = 6.2
  • Top 250 Most Popular Websites
    Average domain length = 6.4
  • Top 500 Most Popular Websites
    Average domain length = 6.8
  • Top 1,000 Most Popular Websites
    Average domain length = 7.0
  • Top 5,000 Most Popular Websites
    Average domain length = 7.7
  • Top 10,000 Most Popular Websites
    Average domain length = 8.0
  • Top 25,000 Most Popular Websites
    Average domain length = 8.4
  • Top 50,000 Most Popular Websites
    Average domain length = 8.7
  • Top 100,000 Most Popular Websites
    Average domain length = 9.1
  • Top 250,000 Most Popular Websites
    Average domain length = 9.5
  • Top 500,000 Most Popular Websites
    Average domain length = 9.8
  • Top 1,000,000 Most Popular Websites
    Average domain length = 10.1

#7. Meaningful Expressions of Your Domain

Make your domain name meaningful. When picking a meaningful domain name, consider the values you want your site to be associated with.

How to choose a domain name that is meaningful to your business or blog?

Simply jot down the words that come to mind.

For example, Backlinko is an excellent domain name since the words “Backlink” indicate that it is a website about backlinks.

Your domain name may quickly convey to new visitors what your site is about.

#8. Unique and Memorable Domain Name

Since there are millions of registered domain names, choosing one that is memorable and catchy is important.

It is more likely to engage with visitors and attract them to return.

SoftKeyword is an example of a memorable and brandable name.

When it comes to marketable domain names, SoftKeyword checks all the criteria. It’s easy to remember and spell, has no intrinsic meaning, and is enjoyable to speak.

#9. Pick a domain name that is easy to type

It’s vital to choose a domain name that’s simple to type. Customers may have a tougher time finding your site if you overuse slang or terms with numerous spellings.

Your website’s visitors should be able to enter your domain name without difficulty. If you have to explain the spelling to someone more than once in order for them to understand it, then consider changing it.

How to choose a domain name that is very easy to type for a user.

You don’t want potential visitors to type your domain incorrectly and end up on another website.

For example, and If you choose SEO for Search Engine Optimization Niche, then it has a meaning, but if you choose ACEO, it makes a big difference or has no meaning in the domain and a user can go to another website.

Short Doman Name best fits in Professional Email

If you’re going to utilize your domain name as the basis for a professional business email address, it should be simple to follow and spell for everyone who discovers it.

#10. Try to avoid Double letters in your domain name

It’s difficult to read and much more difficult to type accurately when letters are doubled.

It’s best to avoid domains with duplicated letters because they increase the chances of traffic loss due to mistakes.

For example, a domain like Peterr compared to Peter will be more prone to mistakes, resulting in lost visitors.

#11. Mobile Responsive

Make Your Address Responsive to Mobile Devices. So, before deciding on a domain name, test it out on your smartphone.

Is it simple to type and view on mobile devices?

Do consider this.

#12. Avoid Hyphens [-] And Numbers [3] in Domain Name

Remember how important it is for your domain name to be simple to spell and pronounce?

Using hyphens to achieve the domain name you desire may appear to be a unique approach, but it is difficult to express.

People who hear your website address are frequently confused by numbers and hyphens.

If you include hyphens in your domain name, your users will most likely find it on your competitor’s site if they fail to fill in the hyphen.

Also, if you’re using a numeral like 3, or it’s spelled out like three. Then a user will be confused about what to put in the domain name: numerical or spelling.

For example, if the domain name were soft-keyword123[dot]com instead of SoftKeyword[dot]com, it would be difficult for the user to remember and type.

#13. It Should Be Simple To Pronounce

You want visitors to remember and type your domain name correctly. It might be difficult to recall and spell complicated or rare words or names.

How to choose a domain name that is easy to pronounce so that others can also remember it easily.

Make it easier for visitors to spread the word about your domain name, making it easier for you to share your site with friends and new clients.

Pronounce the domain name yourself.

You may also test the “spelling” of the domain name over the phone with a friend or coworker.

If the user or individual has difficulty pronouncing it, you should try simplifying it.

To pronounce it clearly, keep it simple and short.

#14. Niche Keyword in Domain Name – Helps the user to understand the niche of the site

In a domain, keywords are quite significant. By using keywords in your domain name, you can indicate what your website is about.

To make your domain stand out, you’ll need to be creative and blend your keywords with other terms.

Keywords can benefit potential visitors by helping them better understand the purpose and specialty of your website.

so how to choose a domain name that is your niche related?

It’s a good idea to pick a domain name that’s relevant to your business or niche since it offers visitors a sense of what your site is about.

Keyword in domain name benefits Higher Visibility and can also benefit in increasing CTR.

Using keywords in your domain name represents your company and the services it provides. If you’re in the SEO industry, for example, you could wish to register at or

There is a benefit to SEO, such as an anchor text you get from others connecting to your domain. If they include a term in your domain name, it will be easier for people to understand what your website is about.

Here you can see the SoftKeyword as an anchor text in the paragraph that is linking to SoftKeyword[dot]com site.


So, attempt to obtain a keyword-rich or keyword-targeted domain.

Include the search terms that users use to find your products or services. It just makes more sense to your consumers.

Also, it makes it more memorable in the mind of the user.

Select one or more keywords that best describe your website

#15. Domain Name Keyword for Local

Relevant terms improve users’ ability to find you in a search and quickly recognize what you do.

How to choose a domain name for local websites?

Keywords can be anything from what you do or sell (such as “fruit juice” or “coffee”) to where you are located.

Incorporating your location, such as your city, into your domain name may also benefit you in reaching out to local clients and users.

For example, usbank[dot]com, in this domain name the word the US is indicated especially for the US audience.

The user will definitely come from the US state.

Local keyword in USBank domain name

#16. Do not add confusing keywords

While picking a domain name, avoid adding any words that make no sense by adding them to your domain name.

For instance, if you are in the Health Industry and choose a domain name such as SEOHealth makes the new user confused.

However, for SEO websites it may be a good domain name but this changes the industry.

#17. Domain Name Variants to defend domain name registration

Do Consider Registering Domain Name Variants.


Registering the singular and plural variants of a domain name, as well as the [dot]net, [dot]org, [dot]biz, [dot]info, and [dot]us variations, is arguably wise.

How to choose a domain name variant?

Singular and plural versions are typical errors, but real spelling errors should also be considered. Redirect them all to the correct domain.

As users prefer to add an “s” to the end of a singular domain name.

If your domain name is “SEOExpert”, you might want to consider registering “SEO experts”.

People may misremember your domain name in a variety of ways.

So prepare for this by registering domain name variations and redirecting them to the proper domain.

This is a proactive defensive strategy that will prevent future competitors from registering a domain name that is similar to yours.

#18. The [Dot]com

Choosing a [dot]com domain name is usually a good idea. While it’s tempting to come up with unique blog names utilizing new extensions, the [dot]com domain name extension is still the most well-known and trustworthy.

Why choose a domain name that has a [dot] com ending?

Domains ending in [dot]com are the most memorable. Many users will enter “.com” at the end of every domain name without even thinking about it.

For example, The SoftKeyword website. How a user will put a keyword generally?

Obviously, the user will put [dot]com at the end of the domain name if a user is a new visitor.

Most smartphone keyboards include a [dot]com button by default.

But you can use other TLDs ending with [dot]com as well. Which we will discuss further.

#19. TLDs – Top Level Domain Name Extension: how to choose the right domain extension

Extensions at the end of web addresses, such as [dot] com or [dot] net, serve a variety of purposes, so make sure you pick one that is appropriate for your company.

The[dot]com domain extension is by far the most popular, but since it has been around for so long, it might be difficult to find a short and memorable [dot]com domain name.

How to choose a domain name with TLDs?

The most common domain ending, or TLD (top-level domain), is [dot] com, although there is now a vast range of TLDs available, ranging from [dot] academies to [dot] coffee to [dot] photography.

There are a number of new TLDs available.

Plenty of new generic top-level domains, such as [dot]app, [dot]photography, [dot]nyc, andc[dot]guru, provide a fantastic chance to register short, relevant names.

However, because many people still type in [dot]com, many businesses acquire version of their domain name and then redirect that domain to their primary website address.

Some common types of TLDs,

  • [dot] co and [dot] com-for company, commerce, and community.
  • [dot] info – for informational sites
  • [dot] net-for technical, Internet
  • [dot] org – for non-commercial organizations and nonprofits
  • [dot] biz – for business or commercial use, like an e-commerce site
  • [dot] me – for blogs, resumes, or personal sites

However, Newer domain extensions, such as [dot]ninja and might make your company look less trustworthy.

But some domain extensions also make it premium like [dot]shop or [dot] tech

Tip:- Grab the multiple domains if you are a company or a business. Multiple Domains Can Help You Protect Your Brand.

#20. Local TLDs [Top Level Domain Name]

Consider using a local TLD if your website is intended for a local audience.

For instance, what about a restaurant in a specific district, city, or country?

Consider acquiring a [dot]us, [dot]UK, [dot]au [dot]in, or other country-level domain ending address.

By making it clear that you’re in their nation, you’ll provide your users a little extra awareness and increase your credibility.

For example, Whos Among has [dot]US TLD extension.

[Dot]US TLD Extension in Domain Name

But, on other hand, you shouldn’t, however, limit yourself to only that local domain name.

You could wish to extend your brand in the future, and you don’t want to discover that your [dot]com domain has already been taken by others or your competitors.

Even if you only want to cater to a local market, acquiring version will save you money in the long run.

Meanwhile, you may link the [dot]com to your local domain, ensuring that visitors get to the same website regardless of whatever address they choose. It is the best way.

#21. Select either Existing or Expired Domains

It’s possible that the existing domain already has some Authority backlinks. PageRank may be very high.

To verify existing backlinks, try tools like Ahrefs[Paid Tool] but there are also free ways which you will know further.

Even a small boost will help you get off to a faster start and rank higher.

You may use Expired Domains or other paid tools to find expired domains.

How to choose a domain name from expired domains.

Here is how you can find the domain name idea from ExpiredDomains for free.

Step #1. Signup on Expired Domains and search for your niche-related term like APP.

And click Show Filter Option as shown in the image below.

Choose Doman Name from Expired Domains

Step #2. Now check the essential marks, such as.

  • Domain Name Settings –> Check Only Domains
  • Dictionary World Domain –> Check English or other as you prefer
  • Listing Settings –> Check Only available Domains
choose-filters-in-expired-domains-to-choose domain-name
Choose filters in expired domains to choose a domain name

Step #3. Now come to the Additional Tab and, there under the Original gTLDs, check [dot]com or other TLDs as you wish to filter.

Choose TLD an additional option in expired domains

There are also other filters there but that’s enough to go with.

However, you can also apply more filters.

Finally, click the Apply button and it will give you the filtered results.

Step #4. Once you apply filters, you can see the results.

For example, in the image below you can see the filter results for the Term “APP”.

Expired Domains filter results to choose a domain name

Some results will be relevant and some results will not be related to your niche. So select the domain name wisely.

Note:- Do check the domain’s past or history to verify whether the content on this website was related to your content or not [If not then avoid the domain name] we will check how was the site in the past with Google and WayBackMachine in the next step.

#22. Research In-depth of the Expired domain name

The existing domain is already known to Google. If the domain has been used for p*rn, g*mbling, spam content, or email spam distribution, it may be completely banned from Google.

How to do research to choose a domain name

Purchasing your domain from a marketplace like Flippa provides some security. You should, however, conduct your own checks to make things a little safer.

Also, check the domain name on Google.

In Google, type “” to perform a manual check.

This will tell you if Google has any pages from that indexed domain.

So here we will use “giftwrappedblessings[dot]com” from the expired domains results.

This may be a red flag if there is a website but Google cannot find it using the query.

Check Domain Name Data on Google

You can also use tools like and to perform checks.

However, keep in mind that none of this is foolproof. You can think of them as advisers.

Use the Wayback Machine to look up the domain’s history

Step #1. Select and copy the domain name from the filter results from expired domains and go to the WayBackMachine and enter the domain name in the search box and hit enter.

Now you can see the Graph with up and down lines showing as per years, click on that and you will see the Schedular Boxes.

In scheduler boxes, some dates are round marked, click any of them and then you will see the time[of content published] links, click on that.

WayBack Machine Archive Example

Step #2. The new tab will open with the Past screenshot of the website as per the date and time you chose earlier.

You can see the date and time in the image below.

Now check whether it is related to your niche or not.

WayBack Machine Archive Domain History

Step #3. Now we will check the spam score of the domain with WebsiteSeoCheckr’s Spam Checker.

Copy the domain name you selected and put it in the box and click the Check button.

And see how much is the SS[Spam Score]. If the SS is more than 7% avoid this domain.

Website Spam Score Checker

It’s possible that the domain/website owner bought backlinks or was subjected to a negative SEO attack at some point in time.

Use Whois to look up the domain’s history. Enter the domain name and it will show the Details.

Domain Name Privacy

Do check on Social Media Handles. People are more likely to check what’s going on with your brand on Facebook or other social media than they are to visit the website.

#.23 Use Tools: Use Domain Name Generators tools When Stuck

If you are still stuck finding domain names.

No worries, here is another solution.

This is when domain name generators come in handy.

These are brand name generators or business name generators or business or blog domain name generator tools what so ever you call them.

These domain name generator or business name generator tools might assist you in transforming your ideas into newly available domains and help you generate a unique name.

You can also use these as the short domain name generator tools

There are a lot of tools on Google, but to save time, you can check out the handpicked list of best tools with filter options.

Before moving further, make doc or excel note and a list of keywords or domain names you like.

#1. Bust A Name

Bust A Name gives you new and unique domain name suggestions.

  1. In the Domain Name Maker Section, enter a word and choose the options. You can also choose up to 15 characters for more suggestions.
  2. Choose the extension types in the right side section.
  3. and hit the Go button and here you go.
  4. In the Results section, you will see the results.
Bust A Name

Lean Domain Search is also a good domain name generator tool.

Go to the home page, search for the term, and you will see the list of domain ideas.

Click on the suitable domain name idea and it will show if it is available or not.

However, it shows the availability of only the [dot]com domain name for other TLDs extensions you have to manually check.

Lean Domain Search

#3. Namecheap-Domain Name Generator

Namecheap also provides the Namecheap Domain Name Generator Tool, which I think is the best tool with many filter options. Everything is in one place.

If you are a newbie, then here is how you can use the Namecheap domain name generator.

#1. The first thing you must do is type in your term, as you can see in the picture below. You can enter more than one term.

#2. Now come to the price section. Here you can filter by the price range.

#3. Under Transform, check on Domain Name Hacks, Drop Last Vowel, Pluralize Nouns

#4. Under Options, check Show Premium for premium domains and Hide unavailables to hide the domains which are not available.

Namecheap Domain Name Generator

#5. Also, you can add append prefix[before] or suffix[after] to the term for more results

#6. On the right side, you have the option to choose which domain extension you want, Like in the picture below you can see [dot]com and [dot]org is chosen.

You can search for extensions or you can choose from the listed categories below.

#7. Finally, hit the Generate button and you will see the results with the best domain name suggestions at the price and filters you have set.

Namecheap domain name generator results

#4. Looka – Business name Generator

Looks Business Domain Name generator, is useful for business name generators, as the name suggests. You can use this tool as your brand name generator.

It also shows you the availability of domain names and also suggests alternative domains and gives you options to check the reputation, trademark, and social media availability of the domain name.

Plus it adds an option at the top to pronounce the domain name.

Looka Business Name Generator

#5. Namestation

At Namestation you get a thousand free account domain name ideas by creating a free account and for more ideas, you have to pay extra but free ideas are enough for you are starting.

You also get filter options such as

  1. A list of all available domain names
  2. TLDs filter options such as [dot] com
  3. Terms filters where you can add them to include in the domain name
  4. Number of words for domain name filter
Namestation Domain Name Generator

If you are not getting domain names then you can create a contest after paying some amount and the other user can suggest or submit the names.

You can create a contest from the top right side button.

In the Contest Form, enter the Term and description and add words in the preferred words option to filter with, and then choose the settings.

Name Station Domain Name Generator Contest

#6. Namelix

Namelix suggests the business name, not actually domain name availability but it gives you a lot of filters with which you can generate the best name for your business and then check the availability.

Try it out.

  1. You have to choose a title and description in the brand keyword option.
  2. Choose your name length and
  3. name styles such as brand names, non-English words, multiple words, real words, etc.
Namelix Business Name Generator

And you will see the results in grid box UI format which looks good.

Namelix Business Name Generator

There are a lot of domain name generator tools out there, but these above-listed tools are the best domain name generator tools that give you more flexibility with filter options than other tools do not.

#24. Protect Your Privacy

Real name, home or business address, email address, and phone number are all required fields.

Anyone with access to the internet may look up such information in the worldwide WHOIS database.

When you register a domain, your information becomes public, and anybody may find out who owns the name using a domain lookup tool.

Domain Name Privacy Information

However, some Domain Providers offer free privacy as well as a paid option for privacy.

Avoid using names that have already been trademarked.

Select a domain name that you can legally own. Make sure it isn’t already trademarked or in use.

Make sure the domain name you chose isn’t branded, copyrighted, or being used by another firm before registering it.

It might lead to a legal issue that could cost you a lot of money, as well as the loss of your domain.

How to check Domain Name TradeMark?

You can check for trademark status on the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website for websites that will operate in the United States.

Also, look into the US Patent and Trademark Office [USPTO] or

Legal TradeMark Checks

the World Intellectual Property Organisation [WIPO].

Domain Name Trademark WIPO

Also, if your website will operate outside of the United States, either now or in the future, you’ll have to familiarise yourself with and check trademarks in those countries.

Pro Tip:- If you still want the domain name which is already registered, then you can tweak it. For example, WPbeginner is a tweaked domain name. How? Here it is…

Because WP is a short term used by WordPress users. Similarly, you can also do so.

But keep in mind not to use any brand names in your domain name, like WordPressBeginner.

You may face legal issues in the future.

Let’s take an example of this.

It makes a lot of difference between WordPressbeginner[dot]com and WPBeginner[dot]com

WordPressBeginners[dot]com vs WPBeginner[dot]com Legal Difference

#26. Register on Social Media Handles

Before you choose a specific domain name, check if the domain name is available on social media handles.

It’s best if you use the same name for your domain and social media accounts to build your brand.

This establishes trust and makes it simple for your visitors to find you online.

Register Username On Social Media

However, it is not necessary to register on each and every social media handle out there.

Register at least on the popular social media handles and grab your domain name as a username.

#27. Avoid delay in registering a domain name

Thousands of new domain names are registered every day from all over the world.

If you like a domain name, don’t wait too long to register it.

Domain names are bought and sold every minute.

Thousands of people are actively looking for good brandable domain names to register for better future rates.

If you don’t register quickly, someone else may be able to register your domain name.

You can let it expire if you do not need the domain name in the future.

How to register a Domain Name?

Once you choose the domain name, register a domain name as soon as possible before someone else gets it.

You can purchase a domain name with the help of the guide on how to buy a domain name with best domain name registrar, where important points to consider while choosing a domain name registrar, are also discussed.

Wrap Up

Considering the above important factors will help you choose the best domain.

If you succeed in finding a unique domain name for your blog, business portfolio, or anything else, Ping me in the comment box below.

Which of the above factors do you not know yet?


Did you select a domain name?

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