The in-depth convesio hosting review guide, whether you are an Individual, Business, Enterprise, or eCommerce site with Convesio’s managed WordPress hosting.

If you are frustrated with the low performance and want to see the Speed Optimised with security hosting, then you are diving into the right guide for your website.

In this guide, I will share it with you.

  • What are convesio hosting and the highlights of conversion hosting to learn more about its features?
  • More about convesio enterprise, wooCommerce WordPress hosting.
  • I will also share with you about convesio hosting security and performance and
  • The most wanted things, the pros, and the cons with buying guide.

So, let’s step further to find out more about it…

Convesio Hosting Review [Detailed] – A Managed WordPress Hosting

Is convesio the best hosting forManaged WordPress convesio?

Let’s see…

What is Convesio Hosting?

Convesio hosting is for Scalable WordPress Websites, eCommerce Websites, Enterprise Websites, and Business Websites.

When was convesio launched?🤔

Convesio was launched in 2018 with the goal of providing agencies and businesses with a platform for hosting scalable, secure WordPress sites without the hassles of typical cloud providers.

The Main Highlights of Convesio Hosting

Before going to choose any hosting checking its features is best practice. So that you can check what are unique features this hosting provides and what others are not providing.

Convesio Hosting is different from other Shared, VPS, or Cloud Hosting as Convesio deploys the websites to the Docker containers, each with its dedicated resources.

Also, I will show you the pros and cons list as you complete the reading of the features and types of hosting that Convesio provides.

Let’s see the features you may like and help you make decisions easily.

#1. Dashboard and User Interface

Convesio hosting dashboard is user-friendly. You don’t need to be a computer whiz to set up auto-scaling.

Convesio Dashboard and User Interface

The Site Dashboard allows you to keep track of important website stats. Check important metrics to know the resources used.

You may also see a live log stream of server requests.

See the image from the convesio dashboard.

Convesio Hosting Dashboard Overview

Convesio’s user interface is quite responsive. Docker containers are extremely efficient, and the stack was built with constraints in consideration.

Convesio Hosting Dashboard
  • You can check resource levels, disk usage, performance metrics, and errors.
  • You can view how many containers are running.
  • You can access a live log stream here.

Also, refer to this video

Convesio Hosting

#2. Availability

In convasio hosting, the Load-balanced containers split traffic between many WordPress instances. So the website will have high availability.

#3. Fast Caching

The front end of WordPress is served via a load balancer with a custom caching layer.

No plugin is required for fast caching. Convesio caching is a WordPress caching plugin that was created from the bottom up.

There are no plugins necessary, and the platform is completely integrated. But still, if you want, it also works with WP Rocket and other speed optimization plugins.

Convesio Hosting Caching

The custom caching layer includes:-

  • Node.JS Load Balancer & Firewall
  • Custom Caching Layer
  • File System Mounts
  • Micro Caching for GlusterFS
  • Manage static and dynamic Time-To-Live settings
  • Use exception rules to control page-level caching
  • Manage static and dynamic Time-To-Live settings
  • Use exception rules to control page-level caching
  • It works along with WP Rocket and other speed optimization plugins.

Also, refer to this video

Caching at conversion

#4. Application Monitoring and Clustered Database

Each WordPress site is powered by several MySQL servers for high availability, uptime, and scalability.

At the WordPress application level, convesio’s technology is always monitoring your site.

You can manage the database on Convesio.

Convesio Hosting Database Manage or Deploy

You can also monitor Domain Mapping on the convesio dashboard.

Convesio Hosting Domain Mapping

What is a Clustered Database?

A database cluster is a group of databases that are managed by a single instance of a database server that is up and running, which improves performance.

After a startup, a database cluster will have a database named Postgres that will be used by utilities, users, and third-party applications as the default database.

#5. Self-Healing

The stack’s components are hosted in various containers. If one fails, it is immediately redeployed.

If your website goes down for whatever reason, the platform will redeploy your container immediately.

#6. Auto Scaling

You can also manage auto-scaling. Its technology will automatically deploy several containers to meet the load if your website receives a lot of visitors.

Docker containers provide everyone the flexibility and functionality they need to offer Enterprise-level performance.

When you require additional resources, Convesio automatically scales up, and when you don’t, it scales down.

Scaling Range: You can set the minimum and the maximum number of containers to scale between to configure auto-scaling easily. You can also disable auto-scaling.

Auto-scaling hosting at convesio
Auto-scaling hosting at convesio

It offers a combination of open-source and proprietary code to solve the challenge of running WordPress in a highly scalable environment.

Convesio has been implemented on Google Cloud, AWS, and Steadfast.

To boost efficiency and provide a second layer of safety, the platform combines Cloudflare Enterprise technologies before a request even reaches our servers.

  • You have first to set up and manage WordPress scalability.
  • You can also configure resource thresholds that trigger scaling events.
  • You can access logs detailing scaling events.

Also, refer to this video.

WordPress Hosting Auto Scaling Demo | Convesio

How does convesio scalability work for your Website?

It begins with a default number of containers. WordPress is configured to operate on the basic minimum of containers. Like VPS, these have their own set of resources.

When there is a significant increase in traffic, automatic scaling is initiated.

When WordPress’s traffic spikes, new containers are immediately deployed to distribute the load and keep it functioning smoothly.

This is referred to as ‘horizontal scaling.’ To guarantee that scalability is not restricted by hardware, containers for a single website may be distributed across several servers.

#7. Pay-For-What-You-Use

There’s no need to budget for peak consumption or choose the most expensive choice. With autoscaling, you only pay for what you use.

#8. Version Backups

You get your site’s backups in Git-style versioned format, which are simple and quick to recover.

#9. Avoid Google penalties

If your site is compromised for a long period of time, you will be completely removed from Google search results, AdWords, and other services.

It will show you how to prevent or get rid of the bright red warning screen so you can get your site back into Google’s search results.

#10. More benefits from convesio hosting

  • Deploy WordPress in Under a Minute.
  • Development and Staging
  • Access Rule

Convesio Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Convesio offers true auto-scaling, self-healing, and without single points of failure and handles personal blogs or high-traffic eCommerce websites.

It has Security with proactive deeper malware scanning, breach detection, cleaning, and vulnerability patching for you and is speed-optimized.

Key features:

  • It is a Docker-based Architecture and deployed to Google Cloud
  • It has multi-layered Security
  • It is Full-scope Managed WordPress Hosting with horizontal Scaling and multi-node Design.

It comes with advanced security measures:-

  • Enterprise DDoS Mitigation
  • Intelligent Threat Detection
  • Reputation-based Threat Protection
  • Advanced Firewall Rules
  • Advanced Managed Rule Set
  • OWASP Core Rulesets
  • Rate limiting
  • Human Presence Bot Detection:
  • Form/Comment Spam Protection
  • Automated malware patching
  • Automated Vulnerability Patching

Convesio can also demo you and discuss an end-to-end solution to host and manage your WordPress website.

Convesio WooCommerce Hosting

If a large crowd of customers arrives, your establishment should not close. The auto-scaling feature of Convesio Docker is ideal for the Event Period.

Multiple orders are processed per second through Convesio hosting.

UX: The website maintains a continuously strong UX by loading quickly.

Convesio Hosting eliminates the danger of a slower WordPress admin, allowing your team to update content rapidly.

Docker Technology: Convesio deploys Docker technology to handle the website’s High-Volume WooCommerce Transactions.

WordPress is hosted on Docker containers, which are dedicated resources just like a VPS.

Containers: Additional containers are automatically launched when more resources are required to distribute the load and keep WooCommerce running smoothly.

Containers may be implemented on physical servers as well.

Scaling Time: Auto-scaling may be set up in under a minute without the need for a SysAdmin. Since, Convesio comes with Out-of-the-box integration with Cloudflare Enterprise, during Black Friday-style activities, page load speeds stay quick.

WP Admin would be very speedy so that you can adjust your SKUs quickly.

The Cloudflare Enterprise integration is fine-tuned to work with WooCommerce. Pay for more resources just when they’re required.

You can also request free reviews for your WooCommerce Store.

Convesio Hosting Security

As we have talked a lot about convesio features, let’s see what security measures Convesio takes.

#1. A Complete Security Suite

Convesio has installed Patchman, Human Presence, and a variety of additional security programs that operate around the clock to protect your website from malware and bots.

Patchman is a server-level solution to detect and fix vulnerabilities and malware running behind the scenes, and you need not have to install, configure, or be aware of it.

It finds flaws in new releases, extracts security remedies, and then backports them to all previous versions.

The Malware is automatically detected and quarantined and cleaned up the problem correctly.

Patchman Security

Human Presence detects, and 99 percent of all harmful bot spam is eliminated.

It’s invisible to your website visitors and is more effective than Recaptcha, Akismet Anti-Spam, or Honeypot.

It also protects forms, comments, and reviews.

Human Presence Security

It prevents your website’s data and content from being scraped. It eliminates analytics spam.

And Cloudflare Security

Cloudflare Security

#2. Security by Design

Convesio deploys each website to its own fully isolated container.

Unlike shared hosting, where a hacked website on the same server might infect yours, you have complete control over your website.

#3. You are In Control

Advanced HTTP/HTTPS enforcement tools, country-based access restrictions, virus screening, and a variety of security protocols and policies are all available.

#4. Infrastructure

The infrastructure is built on Google Cloud and AWS for performance and, security, protocols, with operations teams responding to threats 24/7.

#5. Cloudflare Integration

Cloudflare is being used to improve performance and security.

It boosts efficiency and adds a second layer of security before a request reaches its server by utilizing Cloudflare Enterprise capabilities.

#6. Backup

Convesio provides auto-scheduled website backup.

Convesio Hosting Backup

#7. Two Factor Authentication

Account safety is important. Convesio has a request-based 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) configuration that may be implemented.

You must use 2FA with your convesio hosting account.

#8. SSL

This setting guarantees that your site and its data are safe and secure.

Connections that are encrypted. Convesio sites may quickly add a Free SSL certificate.

Convesio Hosting SSL Certificate

Convesio Hosting Speed Optimization

Convesio’s quick and easy WordPress optimization boosts your site’s speed.

Page load time and PageSpeed scores are important for improving your website’s performance, conversion rate, and search engine ranking.

See the image from convesio, who shifted to convesio.

Convesio Hosting Performance Boost After Migrating To Convesio

The speed optimization includes:-

  • CSS Optimization
  • Javascript Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Lazy loading
  • Global CDN
  • Minification
  • Compression
  • Deferral of Resources
  • Professional Implementation
  • Basic QA and Testing
  • Optimization Support

Pros and Cons of Convesio Hosting

Now, let’s have a quick look at the Pros and cons of convesio hosting.

Pros of Convesio Hosting

  1. Auto-Scaling
  2. Self-Healing
  3. A Clustered Database
  4. Speed Optimised- Lightning Fast
  5. Version Backups
  6. Security – Advanced WordPress Security
  7. Manage traffic spikes
  8. Monitoring – Convesio monitors every site.
  9. Pay-For-What-You-Use
  10. SSL Certificate
  11. Daily Backups
  12. Two Factor Authentication
  13. Help to get rid of Google Penalties
  14. 24/7 Expert Support
  15. FREE SSL Certificates
  16. Free Daily Backups

Cons of Convesio Hosting

  • It is expensive, not for starter website users or small businesses.
  • New to the Market

Complex server configurations are a breeze with Convesio. In less than a minute, you can set up a WordPress site with load balancers, a database cluster, and a backup file system.

There are three levels of pricing one is for Starter, the Second is for Business Websites, and the third is for Enterprise level Websites.

If you are not a Business or Enterprise, you can go with the Starter Plan. the price level goes up from starter to Enterprise.

Convesio Secured $5M

Convesio has secured $5 million in investment to expand its scalable WordPress hosting platform and develop its unique container-based solution.

Convesio Raised Dollar 5 Million


It might be the best hosting for enterprises or businesses, providing optimized performance and security.

If you have tried all the managed WordPress hosting out there and are not satisfied with them, then this is hosting that you can try.

Or if you haven’t tested any clustered database hosting, then you can try this.

If you are building a website for your business with Speed and Security, the convesio may fit you.

If you are hesitating to take action, then Convesio is also offering a 30-day free trial.

During this period, if you are satisfied with its performance and security, then you can scale or upgrade it.


  1. Is convesio the best-managed WordPress hosting?

    With the clustered database and security, it might be the best for you.

  2. What is the best hosting for WordPress Convesio?

    You can choose as per your requirement, like Enterprise or WooCommerce.

  3. How do I scale the WordPress website using Convesio?

    You can set the range for scale easily.

  4. How is Convesio different from other managed WordPress hosting?

    The Application Monitoring and Clustered database makes it different.

Conclusion of Convesio Hosting

This conversion hosting review helps to make the right decision. Convasio is a new hosting provider.

However, the services it provides are considerable.

If you find the best WordPress optimized with security and performance, you may consider Convesio hosting.

Which hosting are you currently using? do you have any queries related to this hosting?

If you have used this hosting, then share your experience with me in the comment section below.

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