Is it possible to get a free domain?

People often ask, “Can I get a free domain if I have no money?”

I know finding a reliable and trustworthy platform offering free domain registration is hard for you.

Look no further! In this guide, I will show you how to register a domain name for free.

Also, I will tell you whether you should buy a free or paid domain.

Let’s dive in right now.

Where can I get free domains for learning and testing?

Before getting started, let me tell you…

I have two ways to get a free domain name for testing!

And that, too, means you can get 100% free domains without a hosting provider.

Another way is with hosting and other offers, which I will cover later in this guide.

And let me tell you that free domain registration frequently involves restrictions, which I will obviously cover in this guide later.

How to register a free domain name for free [Without hosting]?

Now, I will show you a domain service provider where you can get a free domain name without hosting.

Freenom and DOT tk offer the same.

#1. Dot TK Free Domain

I will go straight to the point.

Let’s see the benefits of using it.

Now let’s see some cons

Freenom offers limited free domain extension choices, including potential abuse risks with the free service.

It would be best to consider paid options for professional or long-term projects.

Why are tk domains free?

Here’s why Freenom gives out [dot]tk domains for free:

Freenom, a South Pacific company based in Tokelau, offers free domains to encourage website creation in developing regions.

The company earns revenue through ads on websites using its free hosting service.

Freenom also sells premium domain extensions at attractive rates, aiming to attract users who may eventually opt for paid domains.

The company manages domain churn and builds brand presence.

Now, here it is, the freenom alternative.

#2. Dot ml Free Domain

It offers domain names with a [dot]ml extension.

[dot]ml domains face uncertainty, limited reach, and potential risks due to uncertainty, lower recognition, and trust concerns due to scam websites or unclear ownership.

The company’s information is limited, so it’s essential to be aware.

Even now, it’s no longer available.

So, let’s see which of those ways…

Get Free web hosting platforms with included domains for free

As I said, here are some awesome platforms that will give you free web hosting and domain names as a bonus!

#1. GitHub Pages

If you’re all about static websites and personal projects, this one’s a treat.

It hooks up smoothly with your GitHub repos and gifts you a free [dot]GitHub[dot]io subdomain.

Cool, right?

Here are the steps to get your GitHub subdomain for free:

Step #1: First, you have to create a GitHub account. If you don’t have one already, sign up for a free GitHub account.

Step #2: Then, create a new repository:

Go to your GitHub account, select “Your Repositories,” and click the “New” button to create a new repository on GitHub.

Step #3: Name your repository, replacing <username> with your GitHub username.

Additionally, you can add a description and initialize the repository with a README file.

And you have to choose whether you should make the repository public or private.

Note: Repository as Public is required for the subdomain to be accessible.

Step #4: Then click on “Create repository.”.

#2. 000webhost

If you’re keeping it simple with small projects, this one’s got your back.

It offers free shared hosting and a free ooowebhost subdomain.

With the free plan, you will get a subdomain for free with additional features.

You can follow the steps below to get a free domain and hosting for learning or testing purposes.

Step #1: Go to the 000webhost and hit “Sign Up for Free.”

Step #2: Click “Create a new website,” choose a free hosting plan, and give your website a name.

Select a free subdomain from the “Set web address” options.

Step #3: Look for a verification email from 000webhost in your inbox to validate your account and click the link.

You’ll be taken to the control panel of your website after verification.

Upload your website’s HTML, CSS, JavaScript, photos, and other content to the public_html folder using the “File Manager” or FTP.

To view your website online, go to

Are you a student?

Then this is for you…

Now, you will get the perks of being a student:

#4. Namecheap Education Program

This one’s exclusively for students!

Note: You need a GitHub student email to avail of this offer.

Step #1: Visit the Namecheap Education Programme and get a free [dot]com domain and website hosting.

Just enter the domain name in the Find Domain Name section.

Step #2: You will get this domain name free for one year.

Now click the Complete Order button.

Step #4: Now, choose the Free Giuthub Pages option.

Select the domain name you just created.

Then, scroll down and read the note carefully.

Step #5: Enter your student email in the empty box section and hit Finish Up.

Complete-Order-Namecheap Education Program: Free Domains for Students

Now you are good to go.

Study hard, host harder!

#5. Freelancer and Student Discounts

Some domain registrars appreciate the hustle of freelancers and students.

So, they offer special discounts, allowing you to slash a domain name’s cost significantly.

Keep an eye out for these deals, and they’re total game-changers!

How to get a domain name with paid hosting or other offers?

Most popular web hosts usually give you a free domain name for the first year when you sign up for their hosting plans.

This is an excellent option if you need both hosting and a domain.

Pro Tip: You should consider the important points before you choose a domain name. Also, learn how to buy a domain name.

If you are looking for free custom domain name with hosting offer, you check out the guide, which domain extension you should choose?

#1. Hostinger: Free Domain for One Year

Does Hostinger offer a free domain?

Hostinger offers a free domain for a year with selected hosting plans.

You can get this free domain offer on Hostinger.

If you buy any premium, business, or cloud hosting plans, you will get a free domain for the first year.

You go with Hostinger if you plan to buy a hosting plan and want to get a domain name for free for one year.

#2. Bluehost Free Domain Name

Bluehost also offers a free domain for the first year with specific hosting packages.

It provides a free domain for the first year on all three plans.

You can check it out also.

#3. IONOS Free Domain Name

Offers a free domain for a year with its hosting plans.

With the hosting plan, you can go to IONOS and grab the free domain name for the first year.

#4. GoDaddy Free Domain Name

Does GoDaddy offer a free domain?

Yes, even GoDaddy provides a free domain with the selected hosting plans.

Go Daddy

In Standard Performance Web Hosting, you will get a free domain for a year with the Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate plans.

You will get a free domain for one year with Launch, Enhance, Grow, and Expand Plans in high-performance web hosting.

#5. Hostgator Free Domain Name

Get a free domain name for the first year with hosting plans on HostGator.

#6. Dreamhost Free Domain Name

Get a free domain name for the first year with hosting plans for one or more years on Dreamhost.

#7. Chemicloud Free Domain Name

Get a free domain name for the first year with hosting plans on Chemicloud.

Free Domain Name with Chemicloud

Note: You must purchase one of Chemicloud’s 36-month hosting plans to get a free domain name. Free domain registration is available for the first year only. After the first year, your domain will renew at the regular rate.

#8. Host Armada Free Domain Name

Hostarmada provides a free domain name for the first year with its cloud hosting plans.

#9. Wix Free Domain Name

Does Wix offer a free domain?


Get a free domain for the first year with most Wix hosting plans.

How to get a free domain on Wix?

You must purchase any hosting plan and get a free domain name.

#10. Squarespace Free Domain Name

Do you get a free domain with Squarespace?

If you buy the Squarespace plan, you will get a free domain for the first year with an annual plan only.

#11. Weebly Free Domain Name

With their Professional and Performance plans, you can also get a free domain for the first year on Weebly.

#12. WordPress Free domain

WordPress provides a free domain name for the first year with its paid plans, from the Starter to Enterprise plans.

If you don’t want hosting and want to buy a domain name separately, then you can check out the best domain name registrars to buy a domain name.

So far, you have learned how to register a domain name for free.

Now, let’s learn why domains are not free.

Why are domains not free [for business or blog use]?

Let me give you the answer with an example:…

Consider the internet a large community, with domains acting as home addresses.

As you wouldn’t expect your home to be completely free, similarly, domains aren’t free either.

They have the support of a whole system, just as a community has its own infrastructure.

And the other part

  • Domain registrars manage the system, paying for servers, software, and internet wizards.
  • Maintaining the system is costly, and good domain names like prime real estate are limited.

You already know how to get a free domain name, so let’s see which one you should choose: the free or the paid one.

Which is better, a free domain or a paid domain?

Now, I will discuss some interesting points about free and paid domains to give you a clear idea.

So you can make a better, more conscious decision about your brandable domain name.

So, here it is…

In the case of Free Domain Names

Let’s first discuss the free one, then I will move to the paid one. Okey…?

#. Limited extensions support for the domain: Free domains often have less common extensions (such as [dot]tk or [dot]ml,)) as opposed to the more widely recognized [dot]com, [dot]net, or [dot]org.

#. Transfer restrictions: It’s possible that certain free domain providers won’t let you transfer your domain to another registrar.

#. Reputation of the Domain Extensions: Uncommon extensions might not have the same level of trustworthiness as [dot]com or [dot]org.

Note: In the case of a free domain name with an offer, you may have to spend some money to extend the domain after the initial free period expires. Like paid domains…

In the case of a paid Domain Name

You can enjoy many cool extras when you opt for paid domain registration!

These can include privacy protection, email hosting, and much more.

So, not only do you get your unique domain, but you also get some awesome perks to go along with it.

  1. Rock Your Professional Look: Let’s be honest; a premium domain conveys improvement.
    • It gives your brand that extra dash of credibility.
    • So, why not impress your customers with a domain that screams ‘I mean business’?
  2. Personalize Your Brand: Picking a domain name for your business that mirrors your brand and message is like choosing the perfect outfit.
    • It’s all about making a memorable impression with your domain name and helping people quickly find you in the vast online crowd.
  3. Grab your chance: Managing a domain is a breeze.
    • You can easily adjust your settings and emails, ensuring the communication highway and website are always open.
    • It’s like being the captain of your ship!
  4. Climb the SEO ladder: Paid domains are the secret to search engine rankings.
    • A paid domain name helps your online visibility and drives organic traffic your way, making your website the star of the Google show.
  5. Fortify Your Security: With a paid domain, you get top-tier security features for your domain name, like email spam protection and website malware scanning.
    • It’s like having a digital bodyguard protecting your data and users.
  6. Enjoy the calm. Imagine the tranquility of knowing your online presence is rock-solid and always accessible.
    • That’s the peace of mind a paid domain brings.
    • It’s like having a reliable, sturdy house in the digital neighborhood.

Is a free domain safe? When should I go with it?

The concept of safety in food is not straightforward, resembling the risk of consuming a free donut from a gas station compared to a legitimate bakery.

The free domain name is risky.


Free domains may lack security, reliability, limited features, and a professional look.

They may also have ads for revenue and less control over domain transfers.

Providers may impose ads on sites to make money.

When can you get a free domain?

A free domain can benefit personal projects and budget constraints, especially for those experimenting with or building websites for individual projects.

If you’re really into this whole website or business thing, throwing down some cash for a domain is smart.

Think of it as buying some chill insurance for your online hangout.

See how I use the free domain?

Now, I will tell you how I use these free domains.

In my case, I use free domains for testing and educational purposes.

I use this if I want to temporarily share something on the internet through a website or test something on the website.

Pro Tip: If you want to eliminate the domain buying headaches, you can buy a domain name forever.

Now, so far, you have learned how to register a domain name for free with hosting or other offers and in a totally free way.


Does Shopify provide a free domain?

No, you must purchase a domain name from third-party domain name registrars. You can check out this guide on the best domain name providers.

How do you get a domain for free forever?

It is impossible to get a domain name forever for free.

Domain names are leases for a fixed period, typically one to ten years, and must be renewed afterward.

There is a correlation between studying time and academic success, with more effort leading to higher grades.

Wapping Up

In conclusion, now you know how to get a free domain name.

So, choose your business or blog domain name carefully to avoid future regrets.

Which way do you prefer?

The free one…

Or the paid one.

Either way, do let me know in the comment section.

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